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This move is different from a local move. The packing is important and the way the items are stacked with each other. Our moving crew is trained to pack, stack and load your furniture. First, all boxes must be packed with adequate amount of packing material and sealed to the top. Second, the furniture must be disassembled and packed with shrink-wrap and moving blankets. All Electronics, Glassware, Breakables, Small Appliances, Decor, Linens, Clothing, and Art-work must be packed with bubble wrap, shrink wrap, in a box or with cardboard. Third, all items are labeled and listed on your "Bill of Lading" and are ready to be loaded. Fourth, please notify on the bill of lading your first available day for delivery. 



Packing is the most important part of the move. This may take more time than expected to complete. We recommend to begin packing 1 to 2 months in advance for a typical 1 or 2 bedroom home. 

We provide packing services for clients that need to remodel their home or simply move their furniture away for some time. We also provide storage meanwhile your project is complete. Please ask about our packing pricing and storage.



When moving to a new state, it is difficult and a bit complicated to move your vehicles, RV, and Boat. There are times you need to move large machinery. We can move it all.

All we need for a quote is the year, make and model. All prices include full bumper to bumper coverage, $0 deductible.


1. How long before I receive my shipment?  Delivery can take anywhere between 3 - 21 business days depending on availability and location.

2. Can the price increase?  Yes, if you have more items on the day of the move and if items are not packed such as TV, Electronics, Glassware, Clothing ETC

3. Are there any hidden fees?  No, all fees are listed in your contract.

4. How can I avoid fees.  Provide a detailed list of the inventory, make sure a semi trailer can access on delivery.

5. Do I pack my own things?  If you selected the "Basic Package" you must pack your belongings, breakables, electronics, and glassware etc. 

6. Are my items insured?  Your items are covered with our basic insurance, $0.60 a pound per article up to $10,000

7. After the 30 days of free storage, do I have to pay?  After free storage you have the option to pay for additional storage or request delivery at no extra charge.

8. How much time before my move do I have to update my inventory list?  You can alter or make changes to your move 5 Business Days prior to moving day.

9. Do you guys move Motorcycles?   Yes, we can move motorcycles, RVs, Vehicles, Farming Equipment, Boats, ETC

10. Is it cheaper to move on certain days?  It is cheaper to move in the middle of the month and during winter

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